The Reasons behind the Success of Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia

Every jewelry company is unique and different from one another. They are not only doing luxury jewelries but they are also boasting in the inventory of the most pleasing to the eye diamonds and gems crafted in platinum, gold or silver and they also offer specialized services to their valuable customers. As a niche in the market, jewelry companies have specific process and they are requiring having jewelry specific features as well as functionalities in terms of retail system just like what Lia Sophia has. Visit us here:

Below are some of the features they have in terms of their operational control:

Lia Sophia has specific product creation

The pieces of jewelry that Lia Sophia has are well defined by wide variety of characteristics so it is very much important for them to be able to include all the needed details when they are creating a product in their merchandized solution. It allows them to add on unique product information that are associated in the jewelry which includes the type of stone, metal, style, brand and other important attributes as well as the certificates and the warranty information. Another great feature that Lia Sophia has is that they are able to associate a number of product images to a certain product especially when the jewelry images are being displayed in the lookup screens, product views as well as reports.

Lia Sophia has a serialized control in their inventory

One of the main reasons why Lia Sophia has a serialized control in their inventory is that most jewelers are selling more expensive items so they need to have an efficient and effective way in order to track their inventory. The serial number that they use serves as a unique identifier in order to track the movement of the product all over the retail environment starting from the receiving, up to the store transfer then to the bin replacement as well as in the final sale.

Lia Sophia has extensive capabilities in terms of repair service

When it comes to jewelry repairs, a number of jewelry companies are catering the traditional way of repair service like ring resizing, engraving, watch repair, jewelry cleaning and so on and so forth. However, Lia Sophia is offering another type of repair service which is called as the custom make ups such as breaking apart a ring and then rebuild them in a different stone. The functionality of Lia Sophia’s management of their jewelry products requires having repairs and adjustments which includes the external and the internal vendor that handles the trade-ins, repairs, makeups and the shipping manifested for those crucial buyers.

Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia has jewelry business intelligence

As a jewelry company, Lia Sophia has the right set of tools that gives a deeper insight when it comes to the performance of their jewelry business, which includes the customers and the vendors, the sales, the inventory and other things needed in a jewelry company operation. Graphical dashboards, specific reports of jewelries and the drill down capabilities are also important in a jewelry company like Lia Sophia in order from them to analyze the different dimensions of their business. Therefore, a jewelry business intelligence is a tool that helps Lia Sophia answers the most important questions that take place within their business.
So if you are a looking for a jewelry company that can provide you with excellent and high quality jewelries, you should make sure that they possess the things stated just like what Lia Sophia has. This provides you the assurance that the jewels you have come from a reliable retailer.